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Developing The Right Plan For You
Perform Treatment Assessment
Our first step is to accurately identify the cause of pain or discomfort through our thorough consultative process and examination. Often times soft tissue and joints are successfully treated through spinal adjustments, given that our central nervous system runs through our spinal cord. 
Develop Treatment Plan
Our primary treatment plan will consist of chiropractic care and adjustments. Depending on what is discovered during the assessment and the developed in the treatment plan will depend on any additional therapies to alleviate you pain and discomfort. 
Implement Treatment Plan
The final step in the process is to begin and implement our treatment plan. Depending on the severity of the discomfort will determine the frequency at which you visit the office as well as the type of adjustments you will receive. Our goal is to help you return to the activities you love! 
Meet Our Doctors
Dr. Joshua Katz, D.C.
Dr. Joshua Katz, D.C. earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Iowa, with a concentration in Health, Sport and Leisure Studies, and an emphasis on Health Promotion. Upon graduation, he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Katz has since run a successful practice for the past eight years in Kernersville, NC. He practices chiropractic care with the purpose of educating his patients and creating healthy members of his community. He continues to seek out new procedures, techniques and models to effectively integrate the chiropractic and medical models of health care. 
Dr. Jessica Katz, D.C.
Dr. Jessica Katz, D.C. earned a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development, and second in Humanities from Cambridge, Massachusetts, in addition to an Associate degree in Liberal Arts from Dean College in Franklin Massachusetts. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she went on to pursue her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College. For the past eight years along side her husband she has continued to help grow the Physical Medicine office in Kernersville, NC. 
About Our Practice
Physical Medicine of the Carolinas was created with the purpose of educating our patients. We take pride in being able o provide multiple different techniques and treatment plans that are designed specifically for each individual patient. We offer non-invasive therapies for neck pain relief that is integrated with medical practice to enhance your overall experience with us. We aim to help individuals live a more healthful, productive, and active lifestyle. If you are dealing with any of the following:
  •  Low Back or Neck Pain
  •  Tension Headaches or Migraines
  •  Leg Pain or Sciatica
  •  Disc Herniations and Disc Bulges
  •  Wrist Pain or Carpal Tunnel
  •  Pain in Your Joints
  •  Foot and Ankle Pain
  •  Hand and Arm Tingling
  •  Knee Arthritis and Knee Pain
  •  Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Pain
  •  Arthritis 
  •  Allergies and Food Sensitivity 
  •  Chronic and Radiating Pain
  •  Auto Accident Injuries
  •  Sports Injuries 
Don't hesitate to reach out to us! We can provide you a free consultation to go over any and all of your concerns. From the consultation we will develop your own individual treatment plan that is designed to help you recover and return back to your normal lifestyle! 
I was so tight my movement was restricted. My chiropractor moved. I was introduced to Dr. Josh and gave them a try. Excellent checking me out, from history to vitals, to x-rays. After my 1st adjustment, I was relieved. I would and will recommend to others and friends. Thanks again Physical Medicine of the Carolinas!! --- Stephen T. 
Every time I visit, everyone is always personable and friendly. Drs. Jess and Josh are wonderful, very knowledgable and on top of their game! They have helped me tremendously and I'm finally back to being as active as I want to be again! --- Melissa A. 
I have been getting adjustments on a weekly basis since my initial introduction to chiropractic care, about 7-8 years ago. My experiences at Physical Medicine of the Carolinas is always rewarding. It just makes me feel good all over. Drs. Josh and Jessica are warm, friendly, and most importantly honest. If they can help, they will.... but if they can't.... they tell you right up front. I would definitely recommend their care. --- Mary W. 
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